Friday, October 14, 2011

Save A Penny: Recycled Milk Jug Sandwich Container

I have been loving Pinterest since I discovered it a month or so ago. If you don't know what it is, it's a virtual pinboard that you can pin any graphic you find on the web to. You create different boards with different category names (recipes, sewing, home decorating etc.). You can also search other people's pinboards and see ideas that they have pinned. The actual photos will take you back to the original post the photo was pinned from. There are many awesome tutorials. I found these sandwich containers made from recycled milk cartons on Pinterest. I love that I'm reusing our milk jugs and that these containers work so well for sandwiches. I can pack a sandwich for my husband's lunch or for a picnic with the kids without worrying that the sandwich will get crushed. They're easy to wash and reuse and only require a piece of velcro and a milk jug.

Sandwich and homemade container

Sandwich container made from a milk carton

There's a crease in the bottom of the milk carton so it works best to cut the sandwich at a diagonal.

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