Thursday, April 7, 2011

Simply Homemade: A Repurposed Skirt

A friend passed down some play jeans to Taeya that had holes in the knees. My original idea was to put some cute patches on them. However, once I saw a tutorial for how to make a jean skirt on Saved by Naptime's blog, I knew that pair of jeans would be perfect for this project.

This afternoon, during nap time, I whipped out this cute little skirt and a matching belt. I love it. I had a difficult time with the pleats. The pleats on the back look great but the front ones don't. I also messed up the length of the hem on the front but learned as I went. Taeya's not a fan of jeans but loves skirts so I'm hoping I can get her to actually wear this skirt! Best of all, it was FREE as I made it with the jeans and material I had on hand.!!!

If anyone has anymore holey jeans they want to send my way, I'd be happy to take them off your hands. I think I'll make myself a jean skirt next time I wear down a pair of jeans from crawling after the kiddos.

I've been really enjoying finding ideas for re-purposed clothes online. I recently discovered that little girl dresses can be made with men's dress shirts. Of course, I have one half-finished from a dress shirt I picked up at the thrift store. Trying to figure out how to make the straps work with it. I'll post it when it's finished.

Do you re-purpose clothing at all? Have any good ideas/links to share? I'd love to see new ideas of how I can make our clothes go a little further.


  1. You and I think a lot alike :) I am LOVING this idea and will totally do it. I just did my blog on making shorts.....easier by far than this, but same idea in saving money and refurbishing!!!!! Great job and I can't wait to make one too!

  2. Adorable! So glad you liked my post. If you are looking for another fun project in the future, my favorite repurpose project is over at Iammommahearmeroar. Upcycled tshirt dress...way too many possibilities!!

  3. Cute little skirt. I'm sure Taeya will wear it all the time.