Monday, April 4, 2011

Organize It: Information I Find Online

If you're anything like me and enjoy reading other people's blogs (I'm guessing you do if you're reading mine!), you probably come across great ideas of crafts you want to make, recipes you'd love to try, book suggestions that sound interesting and so much more. There's no way I can remember all the great ideas I find on my own. If I come across an idea and I think, "I'll remember where I found that." Chances are, I've forgotten by the next day. Here's what I do to remember all the projects and ideas I come across.

I have a folder on my computer called "Household." In this folder are many subcategories that are related mostly to home organization. Here are some of the subcategories:

* Address Lists
* Christmas (Christmas card ideas, our yearly Christmas card and letter, gift ideas etc.)
* Crafts (There are many subcategories under Crafts. Such as...)
 = Birthdays
 = Crocheting
 = Gifts
 = Sewing
* Cutting Costs (I save my homemade soap recipes and ideas like that in here)
* Decorating Ideas
* Game Rules (to card games and such that we enjoy playing)

When I come across a sewing project I'd like to do, I save it under Household/Crafts/Sewing with a description that will help me remember what it's referring to. I then copy either the whole article or part of it and I also copy the web address and paste it in a Word document. Saving the web address is VERY important! If you want to remember where you found it, or maybe you only saved a picture, the web address will allow you to return to that website. Maybe you want to post about what you make someday on your own blog. By having the web address, you can then direct credit back to the blog/website you originally found the idea on.

Make a folder for each of your interests and save ideas related to that interest in that folder. This system seriously helps me remember so many cool things that I come across. I find many projects that I can do with Taeya and save them in a folder called Kid Activities. Then, when I want to do a craft or something fun with Taeya, I'll look through the folder for idea. I love doing activities related to specific holidays so I save ideas by holiday as well.

How do you remember ideas you find online?

(In a future post, I'll tell you how I organize recipes I find online.)


  1. I remember these ideas the same way you do. One that has been particularly helpful is "Computer Tips." I look in that folder quite regularly! (My comment will say it's from Earl, but really it's Donna!)

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