Saturday, December 15, 2012

Reclaimed Wood Sign

This wooden sign brings a smile to my face and a reminder of who is to be worshiped and adored each time I walk through my living room. I am so thankful for my Savior and I want to be sure that my home  reflects that. I want my children to know Jesus Christ and his love for them. 

I've been seeing some beautiful signs on Pinterest for awhile and had the desire to create one for our household. A few weeks ago, while driving to pick up our Christmas tree, I drove past some old fence wood on the side of the road. It was too long for my car and full of nails but I grabbed what I could fit and went to get our tree. It was an adventure getting it all in the car but I'm so glad I stopped for this wood because it was beautiful! I went back for more two days later but sadly it was gone as I figured it would be.

In preparing for the Christmas season, I have been trying to find ways to bring Christ into our home in a  very visible way. I had a few sayings going through my head that I was trying to decide between. Here were my top four choices.

1. Wise men still seek Him
2. True love was born in a stable
3. for unto you is born this day in the city of David, a Savior who is Christ the Lord
4. Oh come let us adore Him Christ the Lord

I settled on number four and went to work. With two kids (2 and 4) I am able to accomplish a lot but I do almost all of my projects in little baby steps. Please note that this project took me about two weeks from start to finish. I cut the wood one night. I screwed it all together during a nap time. On another day, I worked on the graphic and it took about three different sessions to transfer the words to wood and paint them. If you want to do this, you CAN do it but it will take some time and isn't a 30 minute project...especially if you have young kids like me.

I first cut the wood. The sign ended up being about 26" wide and 20" long. I tried to use the wood from the ends as much as possible as they had the fence post ends and were weathered. I just left the saw cuts raw. I lined the wood up and then turned it over and placed two pieces of furring strip on the back that I had leftover from another project. I predrilled the furring strips and then sunk a screw through each furring strip into the fence wood and it was ready to paint.

Now came the hard part. If you want to make a sign exactly like mine, I'm happy to share a .jpg of the graphic for you to print. I downloaded some fonts that looked pretty and played around with the text, size and layout in Photoshop for quite some time until I ended up with the final product. I then printed it section by section until I had the whole graphic printed in pieces. I trimmed the edges off and taped the whole thing together. I then cut out the word "Lord" first and followed this tutorial from Pinterest to transfer the words to the wood using chalk and a ball-point pen. I immediately painted the word "Lord" so I wouldn't lose my chalk transfer. Next I worked on "Christ the." I slowly moved my way up the sign until I was finished. 

I have worked with transferring images to wood before and this chalk method was very easy to do and best of all, you don't need an expensive machine. Just a printer, chalk and a pen. I'm sure I'll be using the chalk method to make many more signs for my home and for friends. 

Here is the finished product hanging in my home. I predrilled two small holes in the side of the furring strips and twisted in little eye hooks. I then strung wire through the eye hooks to make a hanger on the back. I'm very pleased with the finished product and hope you're inspired to go make your own wood sign now. Total out of pocket cost = FREE.

I included the graphic I made at the bottom of this post. I don't know if this will work for you all who want it. Please let me know if you're able to save and print the graphic in a format that works for you or if I need to figure out something else to share it. 


  1. Ooooh, I really like this. I have no idea what a furring strip is but I can google it. I've been wanting to make myself a sign for awhile but haven't yet (I am not a "crafty" person, lol!). But I'd really love to try it (would you come hold my hand? Lol!)

    May I pin this, please?

    I also love your desire to reflect Christ to your children. When they're young, you pray and wonder if they will grow up in the faith you are trying to model for them, and take it as their own.

    You pray that they will truly come to know and grow in Christ, and lean on Him and grow closer to Him.

    My children are now 19 and 24, and it has been a blessing to watch them grow in the Lord. They are both involved with our church, one plays on the worship team (and also leads the youth worship team), and they both are leaders in Awana and one works with high school kids as well and also is a mentor to them. I am proud of the men they have become.

    So stay the course, mom! Keep loving those babies and stay close to the Lord. We can never lead our children any closer to the Lord than we are ourselves!

  2. So glad you like the sign. I'd be happy to help walk you through it. A furring strip is basically a really inexpensive 1x2. They're usually about $0.90-1.50 for an 8 ft section. It measures about 1x3/4 in width.
    You're welcome to pin this project.
    Thank you for your thoughts on raising children in the Lord. My parents were examples to both my sister and I and we are both following the Lord and seek to train our children up to know and love the Lord as well. So happy to hear your sons are walking with the Lord. May they continue to do so all of their days.

  3. Megan, your sign is beautiful...You did a great job on it. Love the saying as well...Merry Christmas :)

  4. You did a great job! I've done a few projects (a scrap wood tree for Christmas was one) for our home. Love the look. Visiting from roadkill rescue.
    Marty@Marty's Musings

  5. Love this! Great job on the font choices too. And I just love your pic of that sweet baby asleep next to your wood find! Ha! Also visiting from Roadkill Rescue.

  6. Hi there - I love your sign - would you be able to send the jpg file to me that you mentioned? not sure the best way to do that but if it's possible let me know and i can get back to you with an email address. also, i have not used this chalk method before - when the project is finished can the chalk be smudged? do you need to seal it with something? thanks for your help :)

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