Sunday, March 27, 2011

Save A Penny: A Thrifty Coat Rack

In our new home, we have a very large coat closet right by the front door and garage. However, it's downstairs and when we arrive home, we often walk upstairs with our jackets on and then have to lay them by the staircase to be taken back downstairs. I also have the diaper bag which hangs out near the staircase as well. I decided that we should probably have some sort of coat rack upstairs to keep things a little more organized. A trip to Home Depot was in order.

While at Home Depot, I looked through the salvage bin to see if I could find what I needed for my coat rack project as well as the shelving I was building. I found a beautiful piece of oak that would be perfect for my coat rack. Best of all, because it was a salvage piece, it was priced at $0.50! I picked up some dark metal screws for $0.99 to use with my project as well.

Originally, I was planning on painting the wood because I was going to buy the least expensive piece I could and didn't think I'd like the look of it. However, since I really liked the Oak I decided not to paint it and just brushed it with two coats of Tung Oil to finish it. I then measured and screwed on the hooks and  screwed it to the wall. We love our new coat rack and because we already had the hooks, this project cost just $1.50!


  1. That is really cool. You are an amazing woman and have such a wonderful gift of looking out of the box to do things for a cheep price. Love you sister.