Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Time Saving Tip

We keep my daughter's shoes downstairs by the door. She never wears socks unless she's going outside and wearing shoes. I used to keep her socks upstairs and would continually have to run upstairs to fetch a pair of socks each time we left the house. I now keep all of her socks right inside the door of the garage. When we are getting ready to leave, I just have to open the door, grab a pair of socks and her shoes that are already downstairs and we're ready to go.

What could you keep in a more convenient location in your house to save you a little time?


  1. Great idea! I have been having the same problem, socks upstairs put away but I need them downstairs for going outside. I found a place downstairs to put a small basket for my son's socks to save a trip upstairs. You could also stuff a pair of socks in the shoes -- Lydia

  2. I normally keep one pair of socks down stairs since my little girls won't wear socks either. I think that I am going to do the same thing too. What a good idea.