Sunday, February 13, 2011

Save A Penny: Inexpensive Eyeglasses

First of all, a little explanation about where I've been. As I previously mentioned in another post, I'm in the middle of packing for a big move. There are so many things related to the move that are taking up so much of my time. The move is in two weeks so hopefully, after we get settled, I'll have a bit more free time to continue updating my blog on a regular basis once again. 

If you're needing new glasses anytime soon, you might want to check out Zenni Optical. I must admit that I have not yet had the opportunity to use this company myself but the next time I get a new prescription, I plan on giving them a try. At Zenni Optical, you can find frames for as low as $8.00. If you get a basic pair of single-vision lenses, you can receive them for just $12.95!!

"As far as value goes, for a cheap pair of glasses, Zenni's tough to beat. $8.00 gets you an anti-scratch and UV coating, not to mention a fair selection of frames in that price range. Even looking at some of the other offerings, some of their Bendable Titanium frames for example can be had for $12.95. They're certainly competitive price-wise for just about any type of frame you might be looking at." Quote from 

If you have to pay for glasses out-of-pocket, they are typically very expensive. I recently took an elderly man who I have helped care for the past two years to the optometrist for new glasses. He ordered some simple, rimless, bifocals and ended up paying over $600 for them! I don't know about you, but I don't have an extra $600 laying around to spend on eyeglasses.

As I said previously, I haven't had a chance to use Zenni Optical myself. However, I do know people who have used them and have been very pleased with the product they received. I read some reviews about ZO on which I found very helpful. It looks like for a time, they were getting backlogged and received a lot of complaints. However, for the past two years, they seem to have fixed the issues customers were having and the BBB received very few complaints in 2009 & 2010.

If you don't have insurance that covers the cost of your eyeglasses, where do you purchase them?

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