Sunday, January 9, 2011

Simply Thrifty Themes

As I’ve been planning out posts for my blog, I’ve been thinking of trying to do a different theme each day. I’m sure some posts won’t fall into these categories but these will be a sort of guide for my writing.

Monday Memory Makers. The purpose of MMM is to provide tips to organize papers, photos, and other information that will help us remember places we’ve been, people we’ve hung out with and memories we want to keep.

Keep It Clean. I’ll be sharing my cleaning tips and thrifty cleaning products that I use.

Wordless Wednesday. I’ll be posting pictures of how I’ve organized some areas of my home.

Organize It. Ideas of different areas of your home that you can organize whether it be wrapping supplies, closets, your pantry etc.

Save A Penny. We’ll be talking about couponing and other areas you can cut costs in your home. After all, a penny saved is a penny earned.

Simply Homemade. I’ll be sharing some of the homemade gifts and creative things you can do at home to help stretch your resources, make your home inviting and bless your family and others.

Recipe Round-up. I love to bake and make things in the kitchen. I’ll be sharing some of my favorite recipes here. 

***New***Simple Kitchen Shortcuts. Little tips that will save you time and/or money as you work or play in the kitchen.

***New***Crazy Couponing. Lessons in how to start couponing as well as tips that will make you a more productive couponer over time.


  1. where did you come up with all these awesome ideas? I love the wordless wednesdays idea

  2. The Wordless Wednesday I've seen on a number of other blogs. All the rest of the ideas I came up with on my own based on things I want to share.

  3. I'm excited about your new blog. There are lot of young wives and mothers who can benefit from it, as well as those who are 60-something, like me!

  4. Sorry, it shows up as Earl and not Donna, but rest assured, it's me...Donna!