Monday, January 24, 2011

Simply Homemade: DIY Resolutions

In the beginning of January, I was reading Money Saving Mom and really liked the idea she had for New Year's Resolutions. She decided to try making one new thing each month that she hadn't made before to stretch herself and learn something new in the process. The link above will take you to her first project as well as her list of ideas.

I've been pondering doing the same thing but it took me the month of January to figure out what items I want to make. I have come up with one item for each month of the year but I am just going to make them whenever I have time, I won't necessarily assign each item to a specific month of the year. That way, if an item comes on sale or I have more time one month than another, I'll be able to take advantage of the sale or the free time to accomplish something on my list.

1. Name banner for Brecken's room using my friend's Cricut
2. Cloth Wallet to store receipts in
3. Sweet Pepper Jelly-from the Sure-jell box. Will only use 10 jalapenos and both red & green peppers as told to me by my friend, Stephanie, whose jelly I LOVE.
5. Make curtains for at least one room in the house we move to
6. Cake Pops
7. Make something from Ana White's Website
8. Wooden plaque for house
9. Homemade meatballs that my husband will like
10. Easy Crazy Crayon Party Favors
11. Peppermint Playdough
12. Make marshmallows

Would you like to join me in finding some new things to try this year? I found a couple great posts that have lists of some really excellent ideas to try. I haven't had time to look at most of the links individually but the ideas look fabulous!

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  1. I am planning a playdate craft project. I have child safe paints and card stock and a plastic drop cloth (I am sure newspaper would work too) and letting the kids "decorate" the paper however they want. Then I cut the paper long wise and fold in half to have personal greeting cards for the year. Let me know if you want in on the playdate.
    I am also working on iron-on transfers to make special onsies for Emily with my favorite sayings like: Baby Emily and Little Sister.
    -- Lydia Allen