Friday, January 14, 2011

Save A Penny: Wallet Sized Photos

Do you like keeping a few photos of your family in your wallet? Do you give wallet-sized photos to grandparents for their little brag books? If you're like most of us, we only get wallet sized photos when we have professional photos taken and order photo packages that include them.

If you have a photo editing program where you can resize your pictures, crop a photo that you'd like to make into a wallet to wallet size. Then, paste two copies onto a 4x6 sized template. Now you can order two wallets for the low-price of a regular sized print. When you receive them, just cut your photo out and you have a simple, thrifty gift for Grandma & Grandpa.

Tip: Be careful to not put the photos too close to the edge of the 4x6 as many companies crop the edge of the pictures. You might want to center them a little more than I did.

You can also use this method for some of those tiny picture frames you might have sitting around the house with the original generic photos still in the frame because you don't have the right sized photo for the frame. Just measure and crop to the right size and order it as a 4x6.

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