Sunday, January 16, 2011

Keepin' It Real

Lest I put on a false face for my readers and you think I have it all together in my home, I just wanted to share that I have four loads of clean laundry crammed into a laundry basket waiting to be folded. They've been there for two or three days and are getting nice and wrinkled. As I stated in my introduction, laundry in my home is more of a fail than a success.

I can get it washed, but the folding and putting away take me way too long! Feel free to share any tips you have that help you get your laundry done.


  1. my tip would be to do what my friend angie does that I am trying to do, but have yet to accomplish it becuase I want to get the whole house clean before accomplishing. She takes 1 day a week and does NOTHING that day but laundry. She cleans on a schedule and she just does all the washing, drying and puitting away all exclusively in 1 day. maybe that would help.....
    and please don't feel bad about your laundry. I kid you not, I have about 6 clean loads ON THE FLOOR of my bedroom scattered amongnst dirty clothes as well and you can't even see the carpet at the moment

  2. "folding" laundry at our house is usually a group activity. my kids like to grab an armload and throw it on each other, or (depending on age) move the pile back and forth one piece at a time. these days Ezekiel actually tries to fold a few things and Anna loves to hand me another item while i fold until we're finished. they also love to play in the laundry basket. it's fun for the whole family! :) meanwhile i try to fold quickly and get them put away before anyone messes up the work i just did. but, i do admit that sometimes a load or two of clean laundry sits in the basket in the living room waiting. :)