Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Crazy Couponing: Questions and Answers

One of my readers, Brigitte, has been asking me some great questions that I’m guessing some others might have as well. I’ve tried to answer her questions as best as I can. If anyone else has questions, please feel free to ask away. I’ll do my best to answer them if I can.

When you lived in Southern CA what paper did you get?
Well, I didn’t actually start really couponing until I moved to Colorado; and even then, I ordered the paper, gave up and canceled it and then found and tried again and succeeded in becoming a couponer.

The following link has a list of newspapers and the inserts they carry. The newspapers are added by individuals so it’s not a comprehensive list. I actually just added one of the papers in my area.

How do I find out what coupon packet/booklets come in the paper?
I don’t personally worry about what is coming out each week. I just get my paper and save all the inserts, however many there are. If you choose not to subscribe and just purchase the paper weekly at the store (which will cost a LOT more than a subscription), this might help you out.

The following website will tell you how many of what inserts will be in the papers each week of the year.

And to go a step further, the same website above, different link, will tell you what coupons are scheduled to come out in the upcoming weeks inserts.

If I have to print off coupons, like target, RP or SS. how do you know when to do that? How do you know when to check. Is it just on sundays?
Well, RP & SS generally aren’t printable coupons, they’re clip-able from the newspaper. There is a RedPlum website to print from but many of the coupons there are duplicates of other printable websites.
I don’t spend lots of time going through printable coupons because I don’t like spending money on the ink to print coupons I may or may not end up using. I read some couponing blogs that have specific deals at Target, Wal-mart, Rite-Aid and different grocery chains. They will do match-ups and tell you when you can print a coupon to match with a deal. At THIS point, I will usually print the coupon because it goes with a deal that makes the item free or close to free. Sometimes, I scan through the printable coupons to see if there’s anything I would use. Most of the time though, I don’t print coupons unless one of the coupon blogs shows me how to get the item for dirt cheap and I need the printable to get the deal. I’ll be sharing my favorite coupon blogs in a future post. To get you started though, check out and . If you have an RSS reader, it makes it MUCh easier to keep up with these type of blogs. They generally post 20-30 deals a day and I definitely don’t have time to read all of them. With my RSS reader, I scan through the titles and just read articles that appeal to me.

Again, I hope this information helps!!! If it generates further questions all you have to do is ask!!


  1. Megan, great posts on coupons! I am so very interested in doing this. However, when I look through the flyers in Sunday's paper (NE PA) and on these sites you've posted, I am not finding much that I even buy. Is is me? or the area I live? Maybe you or some of your readers would post a grocery list of what they are actually getting and saving?!? Just an idea and thanks again!