Friday, January 28, 2011

Crazy Couponing: Coupon Terminology

Coupon Terminology
         BOGO-Buy One Get One Free
        If you combine a BOGO coupon with a BOGO deal going on in the store, you will actually get two items for free.
        If a store has a BOGO free sale and you have two coupons for that product, you can use both coupons. One coupon for the free product and one for the full-price product.
         Stacking Coupons
        Stacking is when you can use more than one coupon per item. This occurs when you have a store coupon and a manufacturer coupon. At Target you can use a Target coupon and a Manufacturer coupon. You can do the same at Rite-Aid, Safeway, City Market and many other stores. Occasionally, you will run across a clerk who doesn’t understand this but most of them know how it works. If you know the store allows coupons to be stacked but the cashier doesn't want to scan both, ask to speak with the manager. Also, if you carry the coupon policy for the store with you, you can pull it out and show them their store policy.
         Rebates--Rite-Aid has a wonderful Rebate program where you can get many items each month for free if you register your receipt online. Sign up for their Reward card. It’s free and it WILL save you money there! I'll be doing a future post on the value of shopping at Rite-Aid.

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